G Profumi PARFUM
CARAIBI Eau de Parfum
The CARAIBI range: Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica, Martinique, presents fresh fragrances such as the reach vegetation that caracterises this areas, but with a touch of warm and soft notes, providing exotic sensations.

The lively decoretions of the package, as precious as anciant bowl, recalls the colors and the country sides of this lively areas.
The red color reminds as of the fire of the vulcano of Martinique, while the blue reminds as of the lagoons of Jamaica, the green the vegetation that reaches the water of Barbados, while the yellow of Bahamas transmits the warmth of the sun that always shines on these islands.

The wooden boxes, that opens up just like a shell, protects the precious eau de parfum just like a perfumed pearl of the sea.

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